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Security Cameras & Wireless CCTV Security Systems

Providing you the best range of CCTV System such as Wireless IP CCTV WiFi Kit Camera. Perfect for business owners and managers who are not always physically in their place of business. IP CCTV cameras enable you to monitor your property for theft and intruders from anywhere with internet access.

Check your property or business day or night, at home or even from another country. This cost-effective and stress-reducing digital video surveillance equipment is the latest innovation in security cameras that use your existing computer network to send you alerts and suspicious video footage.

Features of Wireless IP CCTV

  • With built-in dedicated module, for safer and more reliable transmission.
  • Unpack and play when the power on, without configuration for live video.
  • HD image quality, clear and delicate pictures.
  • Special module for long distance transmission and strong anti-tamperability.
  • Capable for using with or without cable, adabtable for various environments.
  • Support P2P cloud, remote connection in seconds, fluent image quality.
  • Remote access through PC browsers, smartphone (Android, iPhone) or tablet.


Designed with high performance wireless module intelligent NVR kit will definitely free you from complex wiring.

720P HD Video

High quality brings you bigger, wider and sharper image. You no longer have to worry about vague picture or video.

Remote Access

No need to sit before a computer to check on your cameras! Now, you can get the live video through the mobile easily.

Day / Night

IR Cut switches automatically between day and night to reduce color cast in day time and enhance image brightness at night.

Motion Detection

Instant email will be sent the time any suspicious movement is detected by our security system whether it is a raccoon or intruder.


The IP66 weatherproof cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It performs well on all kinds of weather conditions.

Wireless IP CCTV Camera Malaysia Security Systems

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